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Digital Marketing

The marketing function has been in a state of constant disruption these past few years. The advent of social media, resurrection of email, emergence and accessibility of micro-advertisements and promotions, the cookie, pixel and retargeting technology, programmatic ABM and unbelievable data capture and analytics are among a seemingly never ending list of options marketers have today. And Digital Marketing has the power to transform businesses – when done right.

But these leaps in technology come with their own set of challenges – the most important of which is knowledge and expertise. With the increase in marketing opportunities there has been an identical increase in complexity of the systems, tools and platforms and, more importantly, the way you can integrate them to create a scalable, high performing, custom marketing automation system.

Our team of experts work with you to understand the obstacles and challenges your marketing function currently faces, strategize and create a custom marketing plan for you, set up, monitor and track your campaigns and introduce marketing automation support and implementation for you. We also work on a full range of services including:

Growth Marketing

A successful business needs to constantly innovate and leverage new channels for growth. We bolster your in-house capability and expertise by working with you to identify, explore and scale a wider range of marketing opportunities that align with your business goals.

Marketing Automation

Over 37% of business feel that a bloated and inefficient marketing team is the largest contributor to marketing function failure. Not to mention it’s a nightmare to scale. We leverage cutting edge technology, tools and data to ensure your marketing is lean, scalable and successful.

Mobile Marketing

If your business isn’t mobile, it’s not growing. Stanch works with you to help you dominate the mobile marketing space across ASO, Install and Conversion based advertising and Retention rate optimization through proven strategy, campaigns and technology.


Search Engine Optimization is probably the most well-known specialty in the digital marketing domain – and with good reason. Our team of professionals strategize, develop, maintain, optimize and update your SEO & SEM processes to ensure you rank where it matters.

Content Marketing

Much has been said about Content Marketing and the results are indisputable – when done right. We deliver captivating, well researched and relevant content across all forms of media combined with a proven, clearly defined distribution and amplification strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most powerful and effective tools in the modern marketer’s belt. Our experts provide SM strategy, copy, creatives, tracking and optimization across all platforms along with ROI focused paid campaigns for Reach, Branding, Traffic, Conversions and more.

Email Marketing

Email is NOT dead. We help you drive business through increased engagement, nurturing and cross-sales via Drip Marketing, Newsletters, Abandoned Cart Conversions, automated system mailers and more. We take care of your email strategy, execution and reporting needs for you.

Account Based Marketing

ABM is the dark horse that’s on its way to completely transform the way businesses approach marketing. We deliver end-to-end Strategic, Lite and Programmatic ABM strategy, implementation and optimization for businesses driven to succeed.


Your business needs to be well represented across your Website, Social Media, App and collateral to give your customers the best experience regardless of device or channel. We provide world class branding solutions tying in brilliant design, comprehensive research and flawless communication.

Data Analytics & BI

The power of Digital Marketing lies in data. You cannot afford to operate blind if you truly want to become a scalable and successful business. Stanch works with you to identify your KPIs, track, analyse and optimize your marketing strategy through data driven insights and a custom BI setup.

We leverage our deep, multidisciplinary expertise to create a lean, sustainable and scalable marketing model for you.

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