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Sales Transformation

Sales Consulting

CXOs often need help to focus on the right organisational areas to improve Sales Performance. How does one know what is right?

Sales leadership is never out of ideas on what needs to be done to boost sales. Their problems are born when those ideas don’t sync well with – sales people, sales structure, sales process, sales compensation, sales management, sales training, sales operations, Sales deal business modelling, client onboarding & much more. The complex ecosystem often makes it hard to locate exactly what needs to be done to enhance sales performance.

As a leading sales consulting and advisory firm, Stanch gives you access to experienced sales consultants with sophisticated analysis tools. Let us assist you in confidently determining the optimum sales formula that will guide your decision to create a winning sales strategy. Stanch Co’s clients agree that Significant Growth in Sales Performance is not a distant dream!

Connect with our sales consultants who know the ins and outs of your industry, and let us work with you to unearth the changes you need to make and achieve measurable sales improvements.

Inside & Outside Sales

Stanch offers consultative inside and outside sales services to emerging and established businesses solving challenges associated with sales for CEOs, sales managers and sales reps. We not only help companies discover these problems but also address them through a combination of technology, innovation and creative B-to-B sales methods. We anticipate growing pains and offer timely remedies.

We help you avoid finding the right talent, invest in training, build and manage lead lists, invest in a CRM tool and then, deal with sleepless nights. With a team that’s done it all over decades, we partner with you to deliver unquestionable results.


  • Deal sizes under $50K over the phone
  • Expertise across products and services verticals in tough markets
  • Rapid-fire high-volume closures with Saas-based subscription products

Targeted Leads

  • Targeted leads from your wish list of prospects
  • Guaranteed accuracy and health of such lists
  • Verified and validated, first-hand info

Qualified Opportunities

  • Strictly qualified leads per your criteria
  • Calendared time for your pitch
  • Reschedules, if they don’t show up
  • Confident appointments – no Wishy-Washy-Wendys

Strong Pipelines

  • Healthy pipelines guaranteed throughout the engagement
  • Opportunity prioritization in cadence with changing landscapes at micro and macro levels
  • Strictly data-based forecasts offering unbiased and multi-angle views of the playing field

Surveys, Events And Promotions

  • Brand promotion and awareness through online and real-world events
  • Modifying customer perceptions via multiple channels and methodologies
  • Accurate feedback on consumer sentiment and pro-active strategies to foster positive sentiments and change negatives to positives

High Volume Sales Chat

  • 2x to 5x conversions on your website
  • Proven ability to handle high-volume inbound leads
  • Engage and convert before the lead considers options or competition
  • Easy renewals and upsells

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